Railroad Operations Expert Witness

With over a decade of experience as a certified switchman and conductor with BNSF Railway, Brandon offers extensive knowledge in train operation and operating rules interpretation.  

Promoting his way through the railroad management ranks as Trainmaster, Director of Administration, Terminal Manager and Superintendent of Operations, Brandon offers distinguished railroad leadership experience and unique industry knowledge and perspective.

Leading his team of over 300 train, yard and engine employees to multiple extended human factor incident and injury free streaks was a highlight of his accomplished railroad career. Building strong relationships, exercising proactive accountability and providing feedback and recognition were core to safely and efficiently leading his operating team. Brandon remains in tune with railroad industry practice, operating and safety rules.

Clients include plaintiff or defense firms who seek assistance for incidents involving railroad employees and freight trains.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Railroad employee personal injuries

  • Railroad train derailments

  • Railroad train collisions

  • Railroad highway-grade crossing incidents

  • Railroad industrial property damage incidents

  • Railroad train-pedestrian incidents

  • Railroad liability

  • Railroad FELA case

  • Railroad event recorder analysis

Railway Expert Witness - Brandon Ogden
Brandon has a calm demeanor, relates well with others and stands firm in his opinions. He’s an excellent expert witness at trial.