Livestock & Farm Equipment Expert Witness

Growing up on Missouri’s largest registered Angus cattle operation, Brandon has been directly involved with the handling, managing and caring of livestock his entire life.  Brandon operates a large variety of farm equipment on a daily basis.

Facilitating and overseeing the daily cattle work and herd management for several thousand cows on pasture and calves in a large feedlot has given Brandon unmatched practical hands-on experience. Managing thousands of acres and marketing over 500 registered Angus bulls annually has given Brandon extensive industry knowledge.

Clients include plaintiff or defense firms who seek assistance for incidents involving livestock and farm equipment.

Areas of expertise include:

·       Livestock handling best practices

·       Livestock fencing and restraint systems

·       Livestock management best practices

·       Livestock transportation safety

·       Farm equipment operation safety

·       Farm standard operating procedures

Livestock Expert Witness - Brandon Ogden